A New Venture – Technical Handyman Services

I have decided that now is the right time to have a change of pace and run my own ethical business, the Technical Handyman, to serve others. After a couple of health scares in the last 18 months, I’ve come out the other side and feel a lot fitter and healthier. I’m now ready for a new challenge and to help others with their technical challenges. Continue reading “A New Venture – Technical Handyman Services”

Tado – Keeping things warm for an Alzheimer’s sufferer

My mother has Alzheimer’s and lives on her own with support from carers. As she is not very mobile I was worried that she was not keeping the house warm enough. Also the time on the central heating programmer is frequently wrong due to workman turning off the power and not resetting the clock. Therefore, the house is probably not being heated when it needs to be. Continue reading “Tado – Keeping things warm for an Alzheimer’s sufferer”

Hellers Myotomy Recovery – The 1st Month

Featured image: Spring in a London park – reflecting on my recovery so far.

In my post “Achalasia – The Unanswered Questions I Have” I posed the questions I had before my surgery to alleviate the symptoms of Achalasia. It is now 1 month on from my Hellers Myotomy with Nissen Fundoplication surgery and I now have most of the answers to those questions. Continue reading “Hellers Myotomy Recovery – The 1st Month”