Hellers Myotomy Recovery – The 1st Month

Featured image: Spring in a London park – reflecting on my recovery so far.

In my post “Achalasia – The Unanswered Questions I Have” I posed the questions I had before my surgery to alleviate the symptoms of Achalasia. It is now 1 month on from my Hellers Myotomy with Nissen Fundoplication surgery and I now have most of the answers to those questions. Continue reading “Hellers Myotomy Recovery – The 1st Month”

Achalasia – The Hellers Myotomy Operation

On Thursday, 23rd February 2017 I finally had my Hellers Cardiomyotomy and Nissen Fundoplication operation. It was performed laparoscopically by Mr T John, Consultant Surgeon, and his team at the Basingstoke & North Hampshire Hospital. Now that I’m starting the recovery I’m feeling more able to write about the lead up to the operation and the operation itself. Continue reading “Achalasia – The Hellers Myotomy Operation”