Achalasia – Life after surgery

Last week I returned to hospital for my 6 week check up with the  surgeon who performed my Hellers Myotomy and Nissen Fundoplication operation at the end of February 2017.


He was pleased to hear that I had had no issues with swallowing since the operation and told me that I should now transition from the soft diet to eating normally again. One caveat – no bread! He also said that I should make sure that I cut up my food into small chunks and chew everything well. Even though my operation had been successful and I have regained 80% of normal swallowing functionality, I will be purely relying on gravity to get food from my mouth down into my stomach from now on.

He said that he would book me in to see him again in 12 months, when he would personally perform a repeat gastroscopy. I’ll look forward to that, and perhaps I’ll check the sedation option instead of relying on the throat spray!

Signing off he told me to put achalasia behind me and get on with my life! I definitely intend to.


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