Achalasia – The Unanswered Questions I Have

In the darkest days of my achalasia journey I sought answers as to why I had been chosen for this experience and, probably more importantly, how other people coped with it. I wanted to know what to expect and if there was any light at the end of the tunnel.

Through my online research I found a few blogs written by fellow sufferers and was relieved to find out that ultimately there were surgical options which appeared to provide relief. In fact, in most cases these blogs were fairly detailed up to about 4 days after their operations. A few offered progress reports after a few months. But mostly they stopped updating their blogs soon after their operations. Clearly, these people had made a pretty good recovery and now wanted to get on with their lives and put achalasia to the back of their minds. I don’t blame them one little bit.



However, I was still trying to find out what life would be like after surgery. I had unanswered questions like:

– Will I be able to eat a normal diet, or would I continue to have to be careful about what I eat
– Will I put back on some of the weight that I had lost
– Will I be able to sleep on a normal bed without the need for my head to be significantly higher than my stomach
– Will my asthma improve
– Will my general health improve

My Hellers Myotomy and Nissen Fundoplication procedure was performed on 23rd February 2017. In future posts I will document my recovery and provide my own answers to the questions above. If you have any questions of your own, or indeed can provide your own answers please feel free to add a comment.


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