Watching BT Sport on an Apple TV using AirPlay

I’m often asked how you can watch BT Sport on an Apple TV using the BT Sport app on your iPhone or iPad. This post will describe the steps you need to take to achieve this. 


Choose the BT Sport channel you want to watch

First, fire up the BT Sport app on your iPhone or iPad and start viewing the desired channel.

BT Sport on an iPad
Watching BT Sport on an iPad

Turn on the television and Apple TV

Next turn on your television and your Apple TV, and make sure that the Apple TV is selected as the input source for your television.

To get the picture displayed on the Apple TV you now need to enable AirPlay from the BT Sport App. A common mistake is try using Screen Mirroring – you will get an error message saying  that you can’t use the BT Sport app with screen mirroring enabled.

Enable AirPlay

To enable AirPlay tap anywhere on the iPhone or iPad screen whilst watching a video feed in the BT Sport app. The AirPlay icon will then appear in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


BT Sport on an iPad with Airplay icon
Watching BT Sport on an iPad – note Airplay icon displayed in bottom right corner

Tap the AirPlay icon and you will be presented with an option to change the viewing source from your iPhone or iPad to your Apple TV.

AirPlay displaying to iPad
AirPlay displaying to iPad

Select which device will be the  AirPlay destination

Select the Apple TV you want to view the BT Sport channel on.

Select Apple TV as destination for AirPlay
Select Apple TV as destination for AirPlay


Then, as if by magic, it will appear on your television.

Viewing BT Sport on television using AirPlay
Viewing BT Sport on television using AirPlay



The quality of the picture displayed on your Apple TV will not be as good as a native feed from a BT Sport channel on a BT TV, Sky or Virgin set top box.

If you’re a BT Broadband customer you can watch BT Sport  without paying for BT TV – you just need to pay for BT Sport which is currently free for the first 3 months and £7 a month thereafter. Unfortunately, if you’re an EE mobile customer with a free BT Sports app on your phone you will be blocked from using AirPlay.

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3 Replies to “Watching BT Sport on an Apple TV using AirPlay”

  1. Hi!
    I hope you can help. Desperate to get by BT Sports channel working in time for tomorrow’s CL final with Liverpool. I followed your instructions using my iPhone and Samsung smart TV. I get something playing on my iPhone with sound and picture, no problem. However, when I click on the bottom right-hand airplay symbol (It says ‘HD’, by the way, next to it and I cannot change that whatever I do). I then choose Apple TV and while I do get the audio/sound on the TV, there is no picture. Can you please help?
    Bests regards, Ian

    1. Hi Ian,

      My instructions work if you are a BT customer and have BT Sport through BT Broadband, BT TV or Sky. Unfortunately, if you have the BT Sport app through EE it won’t work – EE block it!

      Of course, if someone in your household, or family, has a BT Sport account you might want to ask them if you could use their login details. You can run 2 BT Sport apps concurrently.

      Good luck!


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