Recording Virgin V6 or Sky Q to a Blu-ray Recorder

This post describes a method for recording digital content output in HD (high definition) from a Virgin V6 or Sky Q to a Blu-ray recorder that supports Freeview HD.   It uses a HDMI RF Modulator to convert the HDMI output from the Virgin or Sky device to a Freeview HD signal. This Freeview HD signal can then be recorded onto  a Blu-ray recorder with  hardly any loss of signal quality.



The same method will also work for recording high quality SD (standard definition) content from the same Virgin and Sky devices to a DVD recorder that supports Freeview SD.

I received quite a few comments on the post I wrote in May 2018 about Connecting a DVD Recorder to Virgin V6 or Sky Q.  At the time I was focussed on the cheapest possible solution using a HDMI to SCART convertor. The picture quality of that solution is seriously compromised as so much of the picture quality is lost due to the  process of converting the digital output to analogue and back again so it can be consumed by a DVD recorder using a SCART connection.

I have, therefore, decided to revisit the subject and provide a high quality, but affordable, solution for recording from a Virgin V6 or Sky Q device to DVD or Blu-ray recorder.

What you’ll need to connect up the HDMI RF Modulator

You will need to buy the following equipment:

    • HDMI cable
    • Short length of coaxial aerial cable with male coax plug on one end and a F-connector on the other end

Installation of the HDMI RF Modulator

    • Use the existing HDMI cable going from the Virgin V6/Sky Q to the television to connect the Virgin V6/Sky Q to the HDMI input of the Technomate HD-RF-IR.
    • Connect one end the new HDMI cable to the HDMI output of the Technomate HD-RF-IR and the other end to the television.
    • Connect the F-connector end of the new aerial cable to the RF Output of the Technomate HD-RF-IR. Connect the male coax plug end to the Blu-ray/DVD recorder

Retuning the Blu-ray/DVD Recorder

By default the Technomate TM-RF HD uses channel 69 of the Freeview signal (not to be confused with the channel number in the Freeview Guide) and a Logical Channel Number (LCN) of 800 (this is the channel number in the Freeview Guide). To view the new channel on the Blu-ray/DVD recorder you will need to rescan the Freeview/Freeview HD channels .


Still need help?

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